Different Scales Explained

Different Scales Explained


Above are pictures of a 1/12th and 1/24th scale shopkeeper for comparison, you will notice that the 24th scale figure is in fact much smaller than its 1/12th scale version. This is because although referred to as half scale you halve the height - depth and the width giving you a quarter of the area of a 12th scale item. 


1/12th scale       = 1 inch to 12 inches in real size                  Popularity in this scale grew after it was the chosen scale for Queen Mary's Dolls house 


1/24th scale   = 1 inch to 24 inches in real size       Also called half scale - G gauge trains or Garden trains are a similar size 


1/16th scale   = 1 inch to 16 inches in real size       Popular in the 1930/50 for play houses such as Tri-ang and marks 


1/18th scale   = 1 inch to 18 inches in real size       Lundby houses from Sweden are made in this scale 


1/48th scale   = 1 inch to 48 inches in real size        Also called quarter scale - O gauge trains are a similar size 


1/144th scael = 1 inche to 144 inches in real size    Also know as micro scale - can be used as a dolls house for a 12th scale house. 


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