Dining Room Accessories

Dining Room Accessories

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1/24th Scale 4 x Metal Coloured Plate

easures 14mm diameter


1/24th Scale Small China Vegetable Tureen

12mm Wide x 7mm Deep x 6mm High

from £1.00

1/24th Scale 4 x Acrylic Soda Glasses

set of 4 Acrylic Glasses 

In stock

1/24th Scale Hand Bell

measures 12mm tall
In stock

1/24th Scale Fine China Side Plate

measures 10mm diameter

from £1.65

1/24th Scale Decorative Edge China Plate

measures 12mm diameter


In stock

1/24th Scale Fine China Dinner Plate

measures 11mm diameter

from £1.70

1/24th Scale Teapot

measures 7mm diameter


1/24th Scale China Jardiniere (Plant Stand)

measures 38mm tall 

from £4.95

1/24th Scale Small Jug

measures 6mm tall 


1/24th Scale Glass Vase Selection A-F

Tallest 18mm -shortest 15mm